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I'm Angelie, a Native Thai Bilingual speaker, and language teacher. I'm gonna' try and answer that age-old question of what's the easiest and fastest way to learn Thai. I think that my answer might surprise you. But first I want to know more about why you want to learn Thai.

Why do you want to learn Thai?

  • Are you learning Thai because you have a boyfriend/girlfriend spouse that speaks Thai that you want to be able to communicate better?
  • Are you learning Thai because you want to take a trip to Thailand and be able to communicate with taxi drivers and people on the street?
  •  Are you learning Thai because you have a business in Thailand and you need to be able to communicate with your staff with your clients and get things done?

So whether you're just learning as a tourist or you are wanting to learn the Thai language to a high proficient level to be able to used in business and even diplomatic circumstances. I've broken it down to a few points that I think are going to help everybody.

"Don't compare Thai to English or any other language that you speak !! "

For that matter Thai is the most beautiful, symmetrical, logical system you can imagine. Now I hear a lot of people say
" Thai has 44 consonants in so many vowels and it has all these tones and everything." STOP STOP Counting!! these numbers mean nothing! Now, let me try and erase that old belief about Thai and create a new belief.
Get this; Thai is the most amazing, simple and logical system. The Thai alphabet is based on a map of the human mouth. You don't even have to remember the alphabetical order once you know this system. The system is based of a beautiful five by five grid of the mouth where you can look at any letter and know exactly where it's coming from. All tones are really just throat positions. Once you learn, you'll be able to be up and running in time much more like a native than if you are trying to do it this clunky way through English. 

" Learn to Read Thai! " 

Now a lot of people say "Look! I don't want to learn to read or write Thai I just want to be able to speak it!

Okay fair enough. Why learn to read Thai? Here are few reasons.

Learning how to read is the best way to learn and interpret all the Thai sounds.


Further, as Thai script is based on tones, you will be forced to work on them closely and that will help improve your pronunciation. It is possible to speak Thai fluently without knowing how to read. However, it is very hard to speak Thai like a native speaker without reading!

You will know exactly how to pronounce each word

Thai is a phonetic language which means there is a direct relationship between the spelling and the sound.

You can look at a written word and know how to pronounce it exactly, or hear a word and know how to spell it.

So when you read Thai you will never have to guess at words and their tones again. You can work it all out in your head!


 You will expand your vocabulary enormously

If you’re living in Thailand and learn to read and write Thai then your daily environment becomes a language lesson.

Every sign you see, menu or advertising billboard can teach you new things.

You will begin to learn new words just by reading for yourself.

The more interactions you have with a word then the easier they are to remember.

If you write it, read it and speak it you will more likely remember it whenever you hear it spoken.

And remember – increasing your vocabulary by reading and writing will cause an increase in your ability to communicate in spoken Thai.


You will be more independent in Thailand

This one is simple.

When you can read everything it’s easy to work out the menu in restaurants and help yourself with it, order what you want and communicate with whoever you need to.

In day to day life you can read your housing contracts, bills and receipts to check you’re not being overcharged or something is wrong.

If you do any business in Thailand then speaking the language, being able to read emails and knowing what’s going on around you is essential.


You will feel more part of Thailand

If you live in Thailand and can’t read and write Thai then you’re illiterate and that’s not something you’d ever want in your own country! But think about it this way – if you can’t read the local news, interpret social media and read up on events then you can't get the true facts and form an opinion. If you can’t read and write then you’ll always be relying on the opinions of others. And let’s be honest… Many Thai people can be quite shy to speak and write English. How great would it be to communicate with your Thai friends in person, Facebook or Line in their own language?

You will suddenly find you are more involved with your Thai friends and feel more included!


Group Class ( Reading & Writing )
You will learn: Alphabet, Vowels, Toning, Vocabulary

Monday & Thursday : 14.00 - 15.00 
Price:  3,000 THB / Month  




Private class
Available upon request. 


Group Class ( Conversational )

Street Thai Lesson
You will learn: Time, Date, Directions, Travel, Shopping, Doctor's, Post Office
Tuesday & Saturday : 14.00 - 15.00 

Price:  3,000 THB / Month  

Private class
Available upon request.

Group Class ( Conversational )
Executive Thai Lesson
You will learn: Everyday Use, Business, Telephone, Time, Directions, Post Office, Bank. 
Sunday : 14.00 - 15.00 
Price:  3,000 THB / Month  

Private class
Available upon request.

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